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The West Side Cowboy

Photos of the”West Side Cowboy” through the decades. Click here to watch rare video footage of “the original urban cowboy” and here to read about George Hayde’s final ride.

George Hayde & Cyclone, March 29, 1941: the last “West Side Cowboy” to ride up the avenue, passing 25th Street. Photo: Kalmbach Publishing Co.
Photo: West Side Improvement Brochure
Cowboy riding north on Tenth Avenue past the Guardian Angel Church, 1931. Photo: Percy Loomis Sperr @ Milstein Division, The New York Public Library
Cowboy waving red flag, just south of the 15th Street Uneeda Biscuit, or Nabisco, factory. Photo: George Grantham Bain
Cowboy in formal uniform riding past Swift & Co. at 13th Street Market. Photo: George Grantham Bain
Cowboy in a formal uniform preceding a locomotive. Photo: George Grantham Bain