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14th - 16th Streets

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Aerial view of a pile field just south of the Whitney Museum
Pile field with shorebirds
At low tide a piece of railroad track from the lighterage era is visible just south of Pier 66a
A submerged pile field, at high tide
A sailing ship passing a pile field

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The fire at Pier 57, September 29, 1947. Look closely and you’ll see a freight train emerging from the Nabisco factory on the High Line. Photo: New York Municipal Archives
Aerial view of Pier 57, July 1955, showing the Nabisco Factory and the High Line in the background. Photo: New York Municipal Archives
The Marine Aviation Pier 57, shot from a boat in the Hudson River, April 2016
Little Island, Pier 57, and the netting of the golfing range at the Chelsea Piers club
From the roof park of Pier 57, looking south past Little Island; Whitney Museum at left.
Annik LaFarge on the roof of Pier 57, looking south. Photo: Dan Tepfer

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Sun bather on the Sun Deck, January 2018
Autumn color on the Sun Deck, October 2016
Toddler in the water feature of the Sun Deck
Bird bath: a pigeon in the water feature on the Sun Deck

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Hoboken Terminal shot from the Sun Deck, March 2011
Hoboken Terminal at dusk, with a few letters missing from its neon sign, November 2011
Shuttle Enterprise passes Hoboken Terminal en route to the Intrepid Air & Sea Museum, June 2012
Tug Frances tows the Waterfront Museum, aka Lehigh Valley No. 79, to dry dock in Albany, passing the Hoboken Terminal, June 25, 2015
Hoboken Terminal, interior
Hoboken Terminal, ceiling
The Lafarge (no relation) cement ship passes Hoboken Terminal, July 2012

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